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Love Letter to Paris

My dearest Paris, It has come time to part ways. I am happy to know that we…



In honor of my last few days living here, I am going to dub this Paris Week….

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The Final Stretch

So I have 10 days left in Paris. And I am not entirely sure what I should…

2012-11-22 13.08.11

Joyeux Jour de la Dinde: Thanksgiving in Paris

I celebrated my third Thanksgiving away from home. I think it is getting easier with time…partially because…

2012-11-29 13.28.24

On Top of Notre Dame: Paris through Gargoyles’ Eyes

When visitors come, it gives me an excuse to be a tourist in my own city. As…


Frenchies Bar à Vins

Frenchies is a staple in Paris. Everyone knows about it and everyone wants a reservation. It’s a…


December Update

I have been slightly MIA this week because my best friend from college was visiting. We took…

mint tea

Braving the Hammam at the Mosquèe de Paris

I had an interesting experience this weekend. The hammam at the Mosquèe de Paris. It had been…

The Thinker - My French Life

Exploring the Rodin Museum on My French Life

This month my article on My French Life is about my recent trip to the Rodin Museum…


I’m Leaving Paris?

Ticket is booked. It’s official. I am leaving Paris. To be honest, I actually spun into an…