New Meets Old in Paris

There are several spots when I was living in Paris that I found myself going back to…



In honor of my last few days living here, I am going to dub this Paris Week….


Strasbourg: Finding a Christmas Wonderland in France

Even in the pouring rain, Strasbourg managed to wrap me in its charm and make me feel…

2012-11-29 13.28.24

On Top of Notre Dame: Paris through Gargoyles’ Eyes

When visitors come, it gives me an excuse to be a tourist in my own city. As…

Shakespeare & Company Bookstore

Wanderlust Wednesday: Shakespeare & Company in Paris


Frenchies Bar à Vins

Frenchies is a staple in Paris. Everyone knows about it and everyone wants a reservation. It’s a…

Brugge, Belgium February 2011

Wanderlust Wednesday: Bruges


Budapest in Pictures

This spring I was able to spend a few days in Budapest. I hadn’t expected to find…

Vaux-sur-Seine, France December 2010

Wanderlust Wednesday: Vaux-sur-Seine

mint tea

Braving the Hammam at the Mosquèe de Paris

I had an interesting experience this weekend. The hammam at the Mosquèe de Paris. It had been…