Out of Control

I need to write. It is the one thing I have complete control of nowadays. I hate not being in control. And it is something I have somewhat gotten over since being here. But now, after so much time, and so much lost control…I am going a little insane. I can take a little bit of it, but literally every single aspect in my life seems like it is completely out of my control. I hate it. And I can’t even do anything about it. Usually, I am the type of person that if I have a problem with something, I change it or get rid of it. I CANT.

Example 1. Visa. No status update.

and that isn’t just it. it’s everything. even the small things.

I need a change.

Coco Marie

Coco Marie is the author of the travel, wellness, and lifestyle blog, Miss Coco Marie.com. After living in Paris and traveling through Europe, Coco has made it back to San Diego but still enjoys trying new foods, exploring new cultures, and living a healthy lifestyle. Check out more of Coco's story here.

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  1. I’ve been where you are. Let go and go with the flow. This post might give you some comfort: http://theawakenedlife.wordpress.com/2011/03/23/swimming-upstream/

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